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Bereavement: After Losing a Partner, What Comes Next?

Sam and I met over 11 years ago. He was a musician with a local group that played for a senior Christmas party sponsored by the hospital where I worked. When Sam died a few months ago without any warning signs, my life changed instantly. Having worked in hospice for over 11 years, I know the signs. But not this time.
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I Didn’t Get to Say Goodbye

The end of life can be really difficult for those experiencing it and their family and friends, as they stand by and cope with the inevitable death of a loved one. It's confusing, it's sad and it's difficult to process, especially if it's sudden. This is the story of how one woman, Mary, quickly went from being a wife in her mid-40s to a young widow, and the lessons she learned through it all.
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Green Goes Red

Join Crossroads as “green goes red,” during National Heart Month, by raising awareness about end-stage heart disease.
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Cooking for Comfort: Easy to Swallow Soups

We continue learning from Rebecca Katz, who is a chef, author and nutritionist who specializes in cooking for cancer patients and survivors. Her philosophy is: the way our patients eat can transform their end-of-life experiences: “Often times, food can be a tremendous comfort to people who are terminally ill, but not the way you may think,” she says.
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New Year, New Health Choices to Consider: Palliative Care

It’s January, and families are facing some serious decisions about quality of life. For some, it may mean a new gym membership. For others, it might mean looking for ways to ease the pain of a terminally ill family member through a regimen of palliative care.