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Blog: Hospice Views

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Long-distance Caregiving

Long-distance caregiving has become more and more common as families travel for work and new opportunities. When families are living in different cities, it is important to put safeguards in place to ensure loved ones get the end-of-life care they need.
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The Culture Connection: Finding Common Ground at End-of-Life

We live in an amazingly diverse country. We have people from all over the world, from various religious backgrounds, various racial groups and all sorts of cultures and lifestyles. We live mostly with people much like ourselves, but there are many opportunities to interact with people with different backgrounds and traditions from our own.
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Protecting Our Vets: Final Care Needs

According to the We Honor Veterans program, one out of every four dying Americans is a veteran. These Veterans often carry physical and mental scars from their time in the service that requires special attention during end-of-life care.
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Three Safety Tips for the Summer

“Stay safe!” That’s what we tell friends and family as they drive off, travel to new places or embark on new adventures. But what about safety in our homes and our day-to-day lives?
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Meeting Willie

Hospice patient Ben Shaw’s Gift of a Day included idols, autographs, and a chance to pay it forward.