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Blog: Hospice Views

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Hospice Patient James Strange Rides in Style

James Strange put on dress shoes and shirt and then his tan sports jacket. The Crossroads Hospice patient was going for a jaunt in a restored 1936 Auburn cabriolet and he wanted to look as stylish as the vintage automobile he would soon be riding in.
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Power of Attorney: Essential Care Documents

A Power of Attorney is a powerful document that ensures your designated representative can act on your behalf. To make sure your representative can act in both medical and business decisions, it is important to prepare both a Medical and a Financial Power of Attorney.
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Pediatric End-of-Life Care – Comfort for our Youngest Patients

Hospice and pediatrics? Really? Initially, I thought this was an oxymoron. Children are sweet and innocent, and should lead happy, carefree lives into adulthood. Unfortunately, we all know that this isn’t always the case. Some children get sick; some children are bornunhealthy; some are victims of accidents.
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Highlights from the White House Conference on Aging

The White House Conference on Aging focuses on the issues facing Americans as they plan for retirement, care for older loved ones, and work to improve our quality of life as we age. It is held once every ten years, and on Monday, seniors tuned at over 600 viewing parties across the country and many more participated in an online discussion on Twitter.