Blog: Hospice & Palliative Care Insights - 2019

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Lock Your Meds Day is More Important than Ever

Prescription medication is a powerful tool to fight infection, pain, depression, and other signs and symptoms of illness. Taken properly, they can dramatically improve quality of life. Taken improperly, they can lead to addiction, dangerous side effects and even death.
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What Matters Most: Patient-Centered Care

As the nation’s healthcare system moves from volume- to value-based care and increased engagement with patients, there is a new emphasis on patient-centered care. Healthcare providers are beginning to see their patients less as a medical diagnosis and more as an individual person with a life and needs beyond a diagnostic billing code.
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Case Managers: The Glue That Holds Teams Together

The American Case Management Association states that “the goal of case management is to maintain optimal patient health status across the continuum of care in a manner that emphasizes both individual control over decisions and stewardship of resources regardless of provider.”
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Recommended Reading: Until I Say Goodbye by Susan Spencer-Wendel

In a book full of determination and inspiration, perhaps the most inspiring thing is that Susan Spencer-Wendel’s memoir Until I Say Goodbye exists at all. Diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) at age 44, she typed out the book letter by letter with her right thumb, her only finger still able to type.
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The 2nd Amendment & Disarming Dementia Patients

Safety always comes first – especially when a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia. Families quickly tackle the difficult conversation to convince their loved one to give up their car keys. When their loved one begins to wander, accommodations are made to ensure they can no longer leave the house without alerting caregivers.
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