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Blog: Hospice Views - 2019

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Celebrating the Freedom to Make Independent Choices

On Independence Day, our thoughts turn to freedom and the liberties we enjoy as Americans. But someone facing a terminal illness may feel anything but free. They may fear losing their independence, dignity, and freedom of choice to their illness. Or that their illness has robbed them of the ability to make decisions about their medical care. These are fairly common misconceptions about hospice and palliative care. At Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care, we know this couldn’t be farther from the truth.
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Understanding How Men Grieve

Men are supposed to be strong. That’s what society has told us for generations. Even as society’s expectations have gradually changed, many men still try to remain stoic even when they experience a deep, personal loss. Understanding how men grieve can help men understand their own emotions and help those who love them to provide the support they need in a difficult time.
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What Does Hospice Do at Home?

When thinking about your final months, weeks, days and hours, where do you want to spend that time? When Americans are asked this question, 80% say they want to be at home. Despite this answer, 60% pass away in the hospital and another 20% in nursing homes. While not every patient wishes to die at home and some cases will require hospital care, most patients can live out their remaining days at home with the support of hospice care.
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Butterfly Mobile: Activities for Dementia Patients

Fun crafts and activities for someone with dementia can help them feel more engaged and give family members a new way to connect with them. When a loved one is living with Alzheimer’s disease, the world around them can twist from a place of familiarity to a place of uncertainty and confusion. Creating a comfortable atmosphere helps prevent this from happening.
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Meet Hospice Aide Cindi Day

Throughout CNA Week, we'll be introducing you to just a few of the many dedicated and compassionate hospice aides who care for our patients. CNAs are also called HHAs, STNAs and hospice aides. Today, meet Cindi Day from our Cincinnati office.
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