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undefinedPicture this: after receiving a variety of cancer treatments, one day when you visit your doctor, you’re told that you’re not eligible for any more treatment for your cancer. But, you still have things you want to do; you don’t want to lie in bed, in pain, waiting to feel worse. You want to play with your grandchildren, golf or maybe keep a journal to share with your loved ones. The Crossroads Hospice CancerLink program can help. Emotional and spiritual support from team members, physicians, nurse practitioners and volunteers are available to you.

CancerLink is a disease management program offered by Crossroads  to meet the needs of patients with cancer. Care is individualized to meet every patient’s unique needs depending on their specific diagnosis. Crossroads has specialized, trained staff to help patients and families deal with all aspects of end of life care, including managing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis, both physically and emotionally. Your symptoms can be managed with the correct medications so that you have few side effects, leaving you able to do the things you like to do.

Continue living beyond treatment. Enjoy quality time in your own home, doing what you want to do, far away from doctors’ offices and hospitals. Call Crossroads and let us help: 888-603-MORE.

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