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Healthcare Admins: Behind-the-Scenes Superheroes

hospice healthcare adminWhen we think about the superheroes of healthcare, it's easy to conjure up images of doctors and nurses and aides; the people who work the closest to the patient.

Behind every great person providing patient care is a team of administrative and operational support back at the office.

 What Do Healthcare Administrators Do?

"I describe the job that we, as Crossroads Hospice and Palliative Care's Healthcare Admins, do as a circle," says Laura Buxton, chief operating officer at Crossroads Hospice and Palliative Care.

"It starts with the patient. The direct care staff provides the service to that patient which generates a medical record for a claim we bill, which generates a collection process, which in turn pays for medical supplies, durable medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and payroll,” she explains.  

“All of which take care of the patient and brings us back to the beginning of the circle. If there is a break anywhere in the circle, Crossroads cannot continue to provide the service to the patient, and that’s why we are here to begin with."

Healthcare Administrator Superpowers 

Super Organization

If you need information, your healthcare admins are the ones to ask. They keep data and records secure and well organized, so direct care staff can quickly access the information they need.

Cloak of Invisibility

We see the direct care staff in their scrubs and white jackets, stethoscopes in hand. What we don't always see are the many people supporting them back at the office answering phones, handling billing and managing staff and resources.

Time Shifters

Healthcare admins are lauded for their abilities to keep things on schedule and anticipate needs in the field.

Crossroads Admins Do More

As Buxton says, "Healthcare admins are the heartbeat that works silently in the background to keep the flow of information, documentation, accounting and human resources moving so the direct care staff can do what they do best: ‘Do More’ for our patients each and every day."

To learn more about the team of people providing care to Crossroads Hospice and Palliative Care patients, visit our website or call us at 1-888-564-3405.

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