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advance directive
If you were seriously injured in an accident, what medical treatment do you want doctors to take? 
Would you want machines to breathe for you?
Who will make decisions like this for you when you can no longer make them yourself?
Tragedy can strike at any time. Completing an advance directive is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family to ensure your healthcare and end-of-life wishes are met.

What is an Advance Directive? 

An advance directive is a two-part legal document spelling out one’s end-of-life wishes. The document contains:

  1. A Living Will stating the type of medical treatment ones does and does not wish to receive at the end of life.
  2. Healthcare Proxy, naming an advocate in the event that a person is no longer able to make healthcare decisions himself.
The order of these sections and how to write an advance directive varies by state, so be sure to download the advance directive forms for a specific state.
In addition to your healthcare wishes, you can also spell out your wishes for your funeral. You can make known whether you want a memorial service, what songs should be played if you do, and whether you wish to be buried or cremated. 

How to Get Started

Start by talking to your family about your wishes. The Conversion Project's Starter Guide offers a series of scenarios to ensure you are considering all your options for your advance directive. They also include advice on how to broach the topic with the rest of your family.
For the more technologically inclined, My Directives offers an online advance directive with annual reminders to update any changes. It is is easy to update and share with those who need the information. In addition to documenting your wishes, it also allows you to leave notes or record a video that your loved ones can access after you have passed.
Accidents and illness can happen unexpectedly. Don't wait until there is a crisis to make your wishes known. 
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