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Holiday Gift Ideas for Hospice Patients

gift for hospice patient

When a loved one is terminally ill, it’s natural to want to shower them with your love and support. But coming up with hospice gift ideas can still be a struggle.

Gifts for hospice patients should demonstrate your love and an acknowledgement of their style and personality. Gifts of comfort like warm blankets and cozy slippers are a good start, but we’ve also found some unique gifts for hospice patients that convey a sincere appreciation for the interests and who they are as a person.

dna report

DNA Report

Every person is unique and they make a mark on the world that connects them to the past and the future. Nothing demonstrates that better than a DNA report from 23 and Me as a gift to a loved one on hospice. A simple saliva submission is sent to their lab. 2-3 weeks later, your loved one will receive a report with information on where their ancestors lived for more than 500 years ago, likely physical traits, a family tree, and links to close and distant relatives from around the globe.

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hot water bottle cover

Hot Water Bottle Cover

A hot water bottle can be a great source of comfort to a patient receiving hospice care. But let’s face facts: they aren’t always very attractive. A hot water bottle cover that reflects your loved one’s personality can be a great gift for a hospice patient. From simple wool covers to patterns that reflect an interest in cats, hunting, or comic books, Etsy has you covered with homemade covers for any style.

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talking photo album

Talking Photo Album

The Talking Photo Album allows you to create an incredible personal gift by inserting your family photos along with a separate voice message for each page. Get the whole family in on it by having them record a special message for your loved one about why that photo is so special to them. Leave a few pages black so after you’ve given the gift, your loved one can add their own photos and voice message to the album, turning it into a treasured heirloom for the future.

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storm glass

Storm Glass

First introduced in the 18th century, storm glass is designed to predict the weather as the chemical mixture crystallizes within the decorative container into different patterns based on different weather conditions. They combine functionality with elegant design to create a beautiful gift for a hospice patient to enjoy and a new way for you to talk about the weather together.

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book for hospice patient

A Great Book

It should go without saying that time is the most precious gift we can give to a loved one receiving hospice care. You will never regret passing on housework or running errands to sit at your loved one’s bedside, reading to them from a new book by a favorite author or a beloved story they’ve returned to throughout their lives. Not a reader? Consider gifting copies of their favorite movies and watching along with them.

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The holidays are a time to set aside your worries and day-to-day struggles. Whatever you choose as a gift, make sure to take the opportunity to cherish the time you have with the people you love most in the world.

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