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A Message from Our Chief Medical Officer

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Taking care of you is at the center of everything we do. Even as we navigate times of change, our priority – you – remains the same.  Be assured we are taking every precaution to ensure your safety and that we can continue to care for you during these difficult times.   The spread of COVID-19 virus is not only causing infection, but also panic, fear, and the media storm so often associated with these emotions.  

As professionals we have a responsibility to use common sense, remain calm, understand the facts and counter misinformation.  Through our actions we have the opportunity to support you, your loved ones, each other and our communities. By continuing to provide the highest level of care we can all lead by example.

Indeed, new challenges and obstacles arise every day due to the current situation.  Like all healthcare providers, we too are faced with supply shortages, unforeseen daily disruptions of deliveries, heightened tension, frustrations and concerns.  And yes, every disruption feels more intense during times of extreme  stress. We recognize this, honor this and assure all of you we are doing everything we can to continue the highest level of care every day. 

If you are feeling scared, frustrated or overwhelmed, please let us know. We understand.  We are here to help. Sharing how we feel and working together allows us to work more closely together, gain back a sense of control during what seems to be an uncontrollable time and elevate caring for you and each other. 

From the highest levels of management, to every member of the Crossroads team - in-home providers, clerical and support staff - we are working around the clock to support caring for you and your loved ones.  

Timothy G. Ihrig, M.D.,M.A.
Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care
Chief Medical Officer

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