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Gift of a Day Feature Story June 2012

A Trip to Hawaii Without Leaving The House

Visiting all 50 states was at the top of Marjorie Leiter’s bucket list. In her lifetime, she had been awestruck by the Grand Canyon in Arizona and the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, watched a rodeo in Texas, picnic’ d on the green banks of Wisconsin’s pristine lakes, whooped it up in the Big Apple, ate lobster in Maine, and swam the warm waters off of  Florida’s coast.  

These were the best of times for Marjorie and her husband who, together, visited 49 of 50 U.S. states during their decades-long marriage. There was just one state that eluded them: Hawaii.  

Marjorie’s husband would never get the chance to experience the Big Island, but Crossroads made certain Marjorie would even though she was too ill to make the trip. No problem, Crossroads brought Hawaii to her!  


Decked out in grass skirts, Marjorie’s hospice team stopped by one sunny day and transformed her home into a tropical paradise. There were exotic flowers, bamboo table coverings, colorful wall hangings, pineapples…even a makeshift ‘beach’!  

Traditional Hawaiian tunes played in the background while Crossroads bedecked Marjorie in festive Hawaiian dress including pineapple-shaped sunglasses and a flower lei. Even Marjorie’s new puppy got in on the act! 


Once ready for the party, Marjorie and the team enjoyed Hawaiian pizza compliments of Dominoes, Hawaiian punch, and a homemade pineapple cake as she reminisced about her exciting travels. The day was capped off by a ‘guided tour’ of our 50th state via a real-life video. Filled with nostalgia, Marjorie smiled and said, “My husband is watching down from heaven.” 

Crossroads left Marjorie with an overflowing basket of tropical goodies to help her remember her ‘trip,’ though it was clear to everyone that she wouldn’t need any help recalling this last special voyage.